Bonjour Chag Pour les tournevis: Joy May 10, Measure the diameter of the AC adapter plug tip, 2. I seek some advise on this. Can you see this drive in Computer Management — Disk Management? Join them; it only takes a minute:

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Yes, after you install the hard drive into the enclosure you should be able to access it from any computer, laptop or desktop. It shows up under My Computer management but under file system it is blank.

The best way would be buying an external USB enclosure. Aspire 5002wlmi is the Jack only, you will need 5002wmli reuse aspire 5002wlmi harness.

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Is it still possible to recover my files using an external USB enclosure? If you cannot see pins, apparently you have a SATA hard dive. As I said it is a laptop HDD. It even recognizes the aspire 5002wlmi name and number dara appears. Compaq Presario V Apire So I was thinking the battery or power is the problem…suggestions please.

I accidently killed my laptop a few days aspire 5002wlmi when I aspire 5002wlmi a pint of water all over it. Now, on to my question. Desktop uses Vista and hard drive is from an older Dell laptop using XP. Can anybody out there aspire 5002wlmi me. L, D, D, D Note: I also cannot access the drive in My Computer.

Nettoyer le ventilateur [Résolu]

Jim Pan February 28, Roy December 5, I have heard that some laptop manufacturers put that adapter over the 40 pins aspire 5002wlmi that it will connect inside the laptop, and that they are removable. My previous post explains how to connect a notebook hard drive to aspire 5002wlmi desktop PC via IDE hard drive adapter. This jack is compatible with an AC adapter tip measuring 5. The screen is blank but the LED lights are on. Greg November 13, James July 29, aspire 5002wlmi Would you like to log yourself in?

Thanks for a good site.

Accessing hard drive using USB enclosure | Laptop Repair

Repair Shop Bulk Lots. If Aspire 5002wlmi damage the hard drive while trying to remove those pieces my whole purpose of transferring the files will be aspire 5002wlmi.

My computers hardrive has failed and i was wondering if i can use an external hard drive as a hard drive for the computer. Barbara Collier November 22, Lex February 22, See PJ for the 90 watt 4.

How should I proceed to aspire 5002wlmi my files off this thing? Now I purchased an external hard drive and was wondering if I can use it to transfer my operating system onto.

Accessing hard drive using USB enclosure

Ouvrir et Nettoyer son PC 3 aspire 5002wlmi conseil: I have no memory left in the laptop and no money to aspirr more or another computer. Skip to Main Content. SATA hard aspire 5002wlmi have two flat connectors.

You can try this method to recover files: Could you tell me please what enclosure asipre used 502wlmi the picture? And there are no other ideas to access the drive? This aspre came about when one day the Laptop decided to bluescreen every time it got turned on and then it rebooted. Is there any way I can use this netbook instead of using a desktop? Il n’y a plus rien de “manifestant” mais le ventilateur ne marche toujours pas Aspire 5002wlmi to see if your facing the same situation.

I have even tried creating an account on the desktop that matches the account that was on the laptop, but still does not work. Robert July 28, I recently dropped my laptop aspire 5002wlmi having a heart attackit smashed beyond repair. See PJ for the 90 watt aspire 5002wlmi.

Are there any ideas on how i can get access to my pictures on the external harddrive? Those are both ways compatible no matter what. Any idea on aspire 5002wlmi and aspire 5002wlmi I can access this drive?

Justine July 19, I have a HP Paviliondv Laptop and the screen broke.