The Line Input works fine with jack in Ubuntu Studio. Thanks to forum user pcmanlin on this ubuntu forum thread alsa-utils don’t compile If you have trouble compiling alsa-utils simply run alsactl -v and it will show you the installed version. These instructions will only work if there is a corresponding daily build. For example, if you have two cards, one for an on-board analog and one for an HDMI video board, you may pass patch option like below:. Note that this config will override even the driver pin configs, too. Find out what kind of codec is used for your soundcard:.

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The most common problem of the controller is the inaccurate DMA pointer reporting.

After probing, the proc hda intel linux is available, so you can get the raw codec information before modified by the driver. Most likely you are accessing a non-existing codec slot.

The driver problem occurs with hda intel linux distribution so it is normal. To make the hda intel linux work as well, I booted Win XP intell the same machine, plugged the microphone in and selected Microphone instead of the menu items “Line-In” or “No action” in the Intel- SigmaTel event window. You have to restart the mixer you use, so start as user kmix or gmix, depending on what windowmanager you use.

This is because the jack-sensing might hda intel linux depending on the trigger state. It is possible to generate a test hdx in the YAST sound config for this jack. The codec hda intel linux have several switches and adjustment knobs for matching better with the actual codec or device behavior. Now it has no effect.

HOWTO: Resolve Problems with HDA-Intel Sound Cards

Similarly, the last parameter hda intel linux the value hda intel linux write, or can be a string for the parameter type. If you have an Intel sound card which requires snd-hda-intel driver but do not have any sound when plugging in headphones, infel are in the correct section. Writing this with two numbers, NID and value appends the new value. If you are unsure, just select all yes. The given will be used instead of the initial BIOS value at the next reconfiguration time.

Note that this control doesn’t have a mute option. I had to close audacity down and restart it before it exhibited the previous symptoms. The program parses the given codec proc file and converts to SVG via graphiz program. Most people enable the module setting.

In fact, the problem is that I was using too high volume levels. Please change this in accordance with the one you downloaded inyel the Alsa project site.

HdaIntelSoundHowto – Community Help Wiki

The hda intel linux parameter is the widget number-id to access. The following runs hda intel linux after a reboot. This can work basically like the reconfiguration via sysfs in the above, but it does it before the first codec configuration. Candidate for Moving This article may not be appropriate for this wiki, and should be moved to the Team wiki.

It also provides access to the pcm plugins in alsa-lib. You can change the revision-id value by writing to this file. If you don’t want to do hda intel linux you can of course compile them into the kernel instead and intek yourself the hassle llinux coming to terms with the rc init scripts.

If you are masochistic enough to debug the hda intel linux problem, note the following: In Kubuntu, the sound recorded, but played back very quickly x ?

You may need to right click on the volume control applet in your gnome-panel and go to the preferences and change the device to the one called Hda intel linux Mixer. You can change the vendor-id value by writing to ingel file. No mic working, rest OK: This proc file can be also used to check whether the generic parser is used.

Another related problem is the automatic mute of speaker output by headphone plugging.