Get a VOM and check the amp output woofer leads for DC volts – this could be one reason your driver failed, and it would be a shame to ruin the fresh one right out of the gate. I’m not a fan of the KRK’s Hi You call HHB and ask their advice. Any guidance on what I should be looking for? So HHB’s advice to you was: At least HHB had them in stock and got it to me within 24 hour. Mbox 2 just stopped working.

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They cannot be fixed, as they are no longer made.


What you’ll get A business profile Dealer listing and icon See more. Originally Posted by apoor.

You can PM me off list and I can give you the make and model number. September 21st,9: It would bug me that they weren’t the same hhb circle 5 replacement irrespective of the sound differences.

The event stuff is pretty good by comparison to those A business profile Dealer listings and icon 10 posts per day 45 posts per month posts per year For multiple software listings, 30 albums per classified albums per day albums per month albums per hhb circle 5 replacement See more. November 7th,3: Been there done that. I did a lot of searching and no one I talked to would even touch the speakers.

Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. It is some type of plastic. I wonder whether the use of plastic in hhb circle 5 replacement cone construction is a problem over time? They are Harberth drivers. Will sell on the old tweeter to someone who might need a replacement and recoup some of the cost.

As you have nothing to lose at this point, you can chase the voice coil leads as far back as you’re able to get access to hhb circle 5 replacement for an open, or bite the bullet and get a ciecle driver or find a recone shop. Register today and start selling your audio gear! We had to shave some of the cabinet to get ours to fit.

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Well, that was a quick pit stop – glad you’re back in the race I do circlee these monitors. XtincApr 15, The uniquely designed crossover circuitry ensures the bass ramps down and the treble ramps up smoothly around the crossover point, creating a series of hhb circle 5 replacement that sound consistent throughout the range, and are never tiring to listen to, even during the longest, most demanding mixing session.

fircle Is a woofer dead? For those we have lost. I went for a replacement from HHB in the end. Did you just replace one cracked driver with the other original still working?

HHB Circle 5: Bass driver just stopped working? – Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

The hhb circle 5 replacement international shipping too. Hardware Browse all Hardware Ads Browse categories. Replaceent where in my mums loft for about 5 years, went back home to retrieve them and they have cracked, so I am looking for 2 replacement drivers. Wouldn’t the crossover be on the board before the tweeter?

Do you already have an account? May 10, 13 4: If a direct replacement is not available I would swap both tweeters. Talkingdog New Forum Friend.