I got the same issue as Ayub i entered the unlock number and got send unlock command error. Va rog mult,ajutati-ma sa decodez acest modem Vodafone K Hello, dear, can you help me to unlock? This is the unlock code I found: I have Huawei U phone, can you please let me know if I can unlock it using same Huawei modem code writer tool? Go to this url- http: Hi, Please give unlock code for:

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I’m Ruchira Sahan and all posts on this blog are completely my thoughts and writings. Help to me unlock it. Dear NhlaHerewith iam sending ur unlock code for K, Unlock code: The device is a: Please kindly help me unlock my huawei modem. Just got so huawei k3565 rev 2 problem with smart connection. Your unlock codes is just unlock it and have fun and kindly let me know whether ref has unlock or ot? Thanks for the software.

All resonable suggestions huawei k3565 rev 2 accepted. Will u plz help me to unlock my modem? Huawei modem tool, saying possibly wrong method of entering code for model.

B54CAA plz unlock my broadband…huhu. Unlock code is generated for your imei number so its same! Ruchira, dude can you figure out how to help? Enjoy your unlocked modem and use it wisely.

Unlocking huawei HSPA modem for free

Will you pls help me to unlock my Huawei EC modem??? Hello Ruchira did not work for me can you help me please My data card is E See every thing in this page itself Carefully read top of this page The procedure working tested ok It will work Hameed. Mi Modem 4G Imei: Yes it is possible to unlock, Every thing given this page itself.

Hi Ruchira, please help me to unlock this card, thanks… manufacturer huawei k3565 rev 2 Huawei datacards modem: Read my post again very huawei k3565 rev 2. I have Huawei E, Huawei Unlocker, ive got the unlock and flash codes and used the Huawei modem code writer.

NJA5TA plese help me. I try Dc unlocker but no unlocked. I think it is connected properly, the software detected the correct modem and IMEI number.

Unlocking Huawei HSPA Modems for free

PS- To keep in touch with more hacks and you hhuawei subscribe to my email feed. Can your procedure unlock it? Keep up the good work! Hello, Huawei k3565 rev 2 not corrupted how can you say that? Unlock code for your IMEI number is and flash code is Imei —please post the Flash code and unlock code.

Hi Whats the flash number used for??? IMEI no — I need to use a hutch sim. Can you please tell me, how much credits do I need to enable just voice calling, nothing else, using Huawfi Unlocker? That we are huawei k3565 rev 2 unlocking of Internet dongale.

Kindly give me the same. I have seen they are listing latest ROM images there. Dear Ruchira could you huawei k3565 rev 2 send me mobile partner software for windows 7. What shall i do?

Pls give ,3565 the unlock code for this IMEI I have used Airtel sim too in this modem. If i get an unlock code from huawei k3565 rev 2 ,how I can use the code? So make sure if the settings are correct with your new carrier. I unlocked my e with out any trouble. To get huwaei back I tried my datacard on other computer, so that it may come as a default files huawei k3565 rev 2 datacard, but the datacard is not even installing the device driver for it.

What do i do?

Plz help me unlock huawei E huawei k3565 rev 2 Manufacturer: Can you pls help me to get an unlock code? Pls suggest me the process. Are you sure its a locked modem? I downloaded the code writer to unlock my huawei E but it could not be detected can you please assist me or advise me on what to do about this? Below is the msg: Hi, Please email me the unlock code for the following model; — Manufacturer: I am running win7 starter.

Hello, I would like to unlocked my dongle.