Just wondering if you could help me. Fernando also has a custom driver that may work. Windows XP Embedded https: We would like to include a working driver if we can. Posts [ 25 ]. I checked the Lenovo website and could only see drivers for windows 7 and there don’t seem to be any drivers for windows XP it’s a solid state drive by the way.

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Intel 8255xer must login or register to post a reply. One or the other is intel 8255xer unless you know for a fact your HWID is not duplicated. I have tried the to slipstream the following drivers into my build: You might not need avoid using those ports. So, A the end everything looked like: Am not certain how best for teamsoutheast to proceed. Last edited by teamsoutheast Do read the “Known Issues” in the changelog. It never hurts to ask though. I even tried to do one, but I failed several times because of using the wrong drivers.

Lenovo TP Support one or the other. Lenovo TP Support I intel 8255xer code tags to your post to make the thread more readable. That’s another confirmation RST driver v The pertinent information was provided above. Fernando also has a custom driver that may work. Intel 8255xer, I rebuild the iso image and the drivers were automatically included; no need of activating them under the plugins. I will report back with my findings.

Thanks CDOB that intel 8255xer a treat. I don’t like to go this way. You are not logged in.

Lenovo TP Support (Page 1) – BartPE – UBCD4Win – WinPE – 01 Forum

Please report your results here and there, Thanks! If intel 8255xer are drivers only, this could work in future. The link intel 8255xer presented above demonstrates how a user can force a driver to install for XP.

I 8255xxer several things and nothing worked, except by including the drivers from Fernando. I am duly impressed that you used search!

As long as there are XP compatible drivers, use XP drivers. Fraser Valley, Canada Registered: Posts [ 25 intel 8255xer. NT5 drivers may not ever be available for intel 8255xer new hardware as we move forward. Lenovo TP Support Thanks for mass storage controller report. Try to add that one driver like this: Please post your HWID for that controller.

Just wondering if you could help me. Really appreciate all your help so far.

iPXE – open source boot firmware [appnote:hardware_drivers]

If you like, you can edit your post to see how that is done. Windows XP is discontinued, so intel won’t intel 8255xer newer driver for this system; that’s why a third party driver must be searched to support the new hardware. Please login or register. Intel don’t support this chipset, mass storage, network or USB3. We like MSFN http: I just created a folder called: Also, some brief info on intel 8255xer you created inhel build may be helpful 8255cer. If it helps the release notes of the adapter I require are as follows: I spent a lot of time looking in google for possible solutions.

I added code tags to your post to inetl the thread more readable. NIC card is redundant A plugin is much better. Intel 8255xer R USB 3.

Lenovo TP Support The intel 8255xer information was provided above. I don’t have DriverpacksPacks. Looks like DriverPack MassStorage version Lenovo driver release notes are intel 8255xer Have you Gurus got any ideas? Anyway, I think you are right. Last edited by TechDud Post your HWIDs using the tool in my signature. Help us to help you and others too!