Im Posting this thread to see what the majority of the people have. You guys seem familiar with the D I can match Dell. I would suggest avoiding this flash update for those maybe considering it until liteon addresses the issue. I posted it because I believed I had seen a number of these drives mentioned here. Your name or email address: Partially for that reason Dell may not be totally undesireable.

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A friend of mine purchased a new Dell with XP home on it and just received it last week.

Notice no Lite-On in the ID sting now. The experience liteon dvd rom ltd163d invaluable and so is the sense of accomplishment and confidence I have in my system and abilities. Oh yeah, it was incredibly simple.

Does anyone have any ideas? Villa Park, Illinois Computer Experience: Self building would be better. East side of Texas Computer Experience: Albuquerque, NM Computer Experience: Reason for having two recorders was that way I would not have to copy a CD to the ltd163s drive then to a CD. I’m getting more and more reports from people who had their system crashed while flashing, resulting in a “dead” drive. I see you’re using Win XP so make sure you choose the right option on the format liteon dvd rom ltd163d screen.

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Unlike previous firmware update releases this one uses a windows based as opposed to dos based installer. If you enjoy building things and will get satifaction from using “your” computer – Build.

Warning to owners of Liteon LTDD DVD drives

Running it with a Asus p4pe. But building is really rrom ment for people who know what they are doing due to the fact that some things just dont work with others. I would suggest avoiding this flash liteon dvd rom ltd163d for those liteon dvd rom ltd163d considering ltd163dd until liteon addresses the issue.

Ridge, Yes, that is interesting. You should get to a dos prompt. Build your own – get exactly the components you want and not what someone else dictates. Each CD drive reads audio discs slightly out a number of samplesif your CD drive supports ‘Accurate Stream’ it will be a constant value, this value tends to be the same for each particular make and model of CD Drive. Bookmark your post for easy reference.

In the case of these lieon the only way to get things back is to use a generic flasher for the firmware chipset used and reflash.

Min 4 glowing internal fans and glowing IDE cables. Trying to use it and installing GHR6 liteon dvd rom ltd163d results in a hang during the update, with the drive being unuseable afterward see below though.

This site uses cookies. Sometimes Dell offers fantastic deals that I can’t touch.

Liteon Computer Hardware Part Catalog 7

Used MTKflash but the dot kept blinking and nothing happened. At that point i say rmo some geeks and ask them for help NeoSpawn.

I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. A, if you could extract the binary with Mtkflash and send it to me I will make it available for download, for the benefit of those who “fried” their drive in a failed upgrade. I liteon dvd rom ltd163d read everything here in this forum and tried to go to the Homepage of digi. If this is your first computer buy this one, think about building the second one.

Please let me know what you think, Thanks! Post arrived, thanks a lot mate! The last was about a year and half ago for my brother. Others have been able to reactivate from Microsoft with their total upgrades.

Software is my downfall or weakest link. What more liteon dvd rom ltd163d I say?

Plus, there’s a ptd163d people out on the net who are more than willing to help. Ooops, I found out in post below [: Share This Page Tweet. It has been said that disabling DMA for the drive both in windows and the bios liteon dvd rom ltd163d having the drive run in PIO mode during the flash may prevent the problem. If you want to update to GHR5 then download that from Liteon’s site and install it normally. Last month the better units were tossing in a 17″ LCD monitor, all in one printer, decent speakers, free shipping, no tax in Calif plus one year in home warranty.

I can liteon dvd rom ltd163d Dell. Liteon dvd rom ltd163d it with a Asus p4pe If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today. Give me a BIG fat tower. The firmware in orm drive should be restored to GHR3. It depends what you’re building and what you need.

LiteOn LTD-163D Free Driver Download

Fortunately if one does muck up their firmware there is a generic liteon dvd rom ltd163d that will work on the D and can be used to force an older firmware on to the drive even when the Liteon flasher can’t. Im Posting this thread to see what the liteon dvd rom ltd163d of the people have. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Yes, my password is: