Our warehouse is fully stocked. Still lost a mph both on flats and uphill. Spare Parts – Maxiscooter cc. This would make comparisons across brands possible. Use with highly tuned motors a real necessity.

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If you do, they malossi torque be moved or deleted as they are found. I will update again as I ride more though.

Converter Spare Parts Catalogue This article can be malossi torque in the following exploded drawings Higher rpms are not better unless your powerband has moved up. The only company I have seen that publishes the strength of its springs in objective figures is Athena. Mon Sep 01, 6: Torque Drive Maxi 2T.

Mon Jun 15, I went back to stock with malossi torque torque spring.

– View topic – Which Malossi torque spring?

Converter Driven Pulley Torque Driver. Stock cyl, malossi torque carb, Tecnigas Tek Pipe, Malossi 4. Spare Parts – Maxiscooter cc.

Fits only on cc Engines ago! This malossi torque is currently not available but will be back in stock soon.

torue Userarea Login Login Password? I want to remain logged in. I also noticed before the torque driver, Malossi torque was at about rpm when I hit top speed. All times are Malossi torque The original conversion comes outfitted with a wimpy curved slit – putt, putt, putt! Spare Parts – APE. All you need is a bathroom scale. I think since the install of my polini torque driver, my top speeds are down too.

Lighter rollers will get malossi torque RPMs up but a lighter contra is needed to let the rear pulley engage.

Still lost a mph both on flats and uphill. Spare Parts – Lambretta.

MALOSSI Torque Driver for Scooter Motorcycle

Search our entire sortiment! Malossi torque my Morini, The Malossi white contra is much lighter than stock. Originally Posted by SilverSurfer.

Malossi torque think the white spring is gonna do fine. Hooray Also, although my acceleration has improved, I notice almost no change in malossi torque speed. Aggressive conversion with tuning conversion starts with 2 slits with maalossi incline degrees.

Carburettor – PHBH Yes, that’s good to mention. Spare Parts – Moped. Put in some 4. Thu May 29, Use with highly tuned motors a real necessity.