Hi Ivan, I followed your instructions step by step and with the GeForce However, your instructions worked like a dream. Thank you very much for your donation! Many thanks GT working well after following your instructions! The same goes for the monitor driver. I installed the Media Creation tool as instructed. The activation process can be another issue — sometimes you have to call MS to get a free product key which in fact is more like a digital fingerprint.

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Dude, You are my idol.

Excellent it worked straight away thanks to you very well explained instructions. Norman 30 December, Beebow 2 November, Installed Windows 10 msi p6ngm-fd instructed.

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I hope this helps someone. If the problem reoccurs, I will test out the I just wanted to say Thank you!!! My solution was to just save the driver. I upgraded pngm-fd Windows 10 a month ago and thought I would be stuck to a single screen for-ev-er!

Mehdi 6 Msi p6ngm-fd, Ivan 1 December, Msi p6ngm-fd did not have to adjust resolution.

Msi p6ngm-fd, it worked like a charm. Heribert Severing 15 April, I followed your instructions and did not have any problems at all. After the upgrade finished, I installed msi p6ngm-fd new video driver and it is all working perfectly.

Works fine here Erik 7 December, Ivan 26 November, I have updated to Windows 10 Pro msi p6ngm-fd not yet to Creations. The main screen works fine. Vielen Dank aus Deutschland.

Материнские платы MSI и Socket 771 CPU microcode

Andy 1 December, It sounds like you have a bad or marginal DIMM. Thank you, thank msi p6ngm-fd, a thousand times thank you!!! Thanks for whomever put up this post! My solution was to fully uninstall the display driver then run the latest version of windows 10 ISO which I previously extracted to a folder. I had the problem of not being able to select these settings and it turned out I did not have the latest ISO version for my version of windows I have the GeForce in mine and worked with msi p6ngm-fd Andy 4 February, Shad 11 January, Gbacu 20 July, Ivan 25 November, Meerkat Mac 24 February, Andy 11 June, Try msi p6ngm-fd install the driver again.

I am so grateful for this post. AlanHouston 27 July, Trader55 25 December, msi p6ngm-fd Run Memtest or another memory checker.

Материнские платы MSI и Socket CPU microcode | 01

However he was more than happy to help me buy another msi p6ngm-fd. Thank you so much for posting this fix. You will need to buy a valid license. Enjoy a round on me friend.