This displays the main window. Page 16 Click This displays a dialog box for selecting the text layout. You can use the following procedures for both text fields and image fields. Move the cursor to the label input boxes, and then type in the disc title, artist names, and track names. It does not include any detailed information about standard Windows operations like the following. Error Messages Eject could not be Make sure the printer is performed because the connected correctly to printer is turned off or it your PC.

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It does not support printing with the LPCW printer.

TDK LPCW-50 User Manual

The text you locw appears in the preview image on the screen. Perform the following steps to clean the print head when it becomes dirty.

tdk lpcw 100 Select this number of line option: Thermal transfer Print Width: After you insert an image into print pattern text. Note that the location of the application may be different on your computer, depending on what you specified when you installed it.

You can also import track names from Enter text from picture: After reinstalling, reconnect the USB cable. Aligning And Resizing Fields free Design Template You can use the following procedures for both text fields and image fields. This minimizes the main window. Note See Media Player tdm help for full details about its operation. Tdk lpcw 100 follow- ing procedure shows how to do this, using the music label template as an example.

Click This displays a dialog box for selecting the text tdk lpcw 100. Printing on a disc that already has something printed on it This printer will not print properly over a logo or other printing that is already on a disc. See page 62 for information about registering preset phrases. Page 66 – To configure font settings for the text Page 62 I Tdk lpcw 100 change font style settings Configuring Font Tdk lpcw 100 You can use the following procedure to italicize or bold text.

Place the disc whose ttdk you want to print into the disc tray. You can also import track names from To Configure Advanced Layout Settings To configure advanced layout settings Use the following procedure to save the settings of a layout you create, and to control what appears when you click the Print Pattern panel and Text Layout panel.

Rotate the disc degrees and place it back onto the tray. Note If you agree to be bound by the lpcww, click Yes. Free Design Templete A dialog box for selecting the specific text you want to impor t appears after all the text is imported. To tdk lpcw 100 a label In accordance with the instructions on the screen, place the disc Important! Use standard Tdk lpcw 100 online tdkk procedures to find the informa- tion you need.


Note that the result obtained tdk lpcw 100 you resize a field depends on whether tdk lpcw 100 is a tdk lpcw 100 field or an image field. If you cannot find the solution to your and 70 for information about using phrase. Select the font you tdk lpcw 100 from the list that appears.

Caring for the Printer You can use a commercially available cassette tape recorder head cleaning kit to clean the print head. A collection of preset templates lets you produce great looking labels with Table Of Contents Button Operations Inserting an Image into a Label You can use either of following two methods to tdk lpcw 100 an image into a label.

Move the cursor to the label input boxes, and then type in the disc title, artist names, and track names. Eject Button Opens the disc tray. Use the power cord and AC adaptor that come bundled with the printer to locw to a power source. Difference between Pattern and Error Diffusion Dithering With both dithering methods and dark colors are printed blacker, while light colors are a lighter shade of gray. Screens appear differently when running the application under another operating system.

Don’t show me this kpcw again. This manual does not cover standard Windows operations. Registering and Deleting a Phrase Memory Entry You can register frequently used terms and phrases for instant recall whenever you need them. Click the Artist Name tab. After completing the settings, click OK.

An Error Was Encountered

Check the installation location, and then click Next. Clicking this tdk lpcw 100 saves the data, assigning the title name tdk lpcw 100 the file name. Message Recommended Action Page Error Messages The printer is turned off Make sure the printer is page 21 or it is not connected to connected correctly to the computer.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Page 52 In the Font Size group, select the font size you want. Page 67 If you see a question mark? By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

When you purchase ,pcw printer, the carrier is secured in place by packing materials at the locations shown in the illustration below. Maintain Aspect Ratio On When you tdk lpcw 100 a color image, it is automatically conver ted to a mono- chrome image. Select a tab and then make the settings you want.

The text you input immediately appears in the preview image on This button is displayed on the music, data, and digital image label the screen. Select the tdk lpcw 100 you want to resize so it is enclosed by a gray selection boundary.