Report Respond to Steve. It worked fine until today when I started it up and the headphones weren’t working. I know I messed up, but I was doing my best to pay attention. How difficult it is? Well, we did have trouble soldering the middle pin, it was kind of hard getting it to stick to that smooth surface. Ok, I figured it out.

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I agonised for a long time before l355d-7825 a few careful but futile attempts to free the ribbon. Toshiba l355d-s7825 used a multimeter to test if power was going through and it was so I guess it is now toshiba l355d-s7825 motherboard problem. I also noticed that if i put my fingers on the silver part of the dc jack thats visible when charging the mouse goes smooth again.

Toshiba Laptop Chargers

I just had to snip out the broken bracket from the inside and I used my dremmel to widen the hole. Toshiba l355d-s7825 am so grateful for this fix. Push the broken piece back into the connector.

We have gotten in three this week toshiba l355d-s7825 broken jack sockets. As a quick side note. Bead it up and shine on! Most likely the plastic groove which holds the DC jack in hoshiba is weak and will fail again.

Test the laptop with only one modules installed, try different slots. Thank you once again, God bless.

Of course the big box store toshiba l355d-s7825 I bought it as well as the repair shop suggested it would probably make sense just to buy a new laptop. The knurling on the flange is quite soft. Toshbia your subscription to unlock millions more items that ship free.

Drea – Feb 4, at I used heat shrink on toshiba l355d-s7825 wires instead of toshiba l355d-s7825 tape. Perf guide works like a charm. Just wanted to say thanks for saving my Toshiba Satellite LS Report Respond to Gucci.

Thank you for all of your help. Make sure to use rosin-core solder. Any word on a recall from Toshiba? I took it apart today and I fixed it by simply putting a piece of styrofoam between the top cover and the loose original power connector. I like to repair things one time. The solution toshiba l355d-s7825 above works.

Thanks for the write up. Toshiba l355d-s7825 was loose again recently and I wanted to be pro-active this time and fix it once and for all and the guide worked flawlessly. K355d-s7825 think it should work. Good job really this repair guide.

Power jack repair in Toshiba Satellite L L – Inside my laptop

Dont use pliers to twist it into the metal toshiba l355d-s7825 you wear the new jack out, toshiba l355d-s7825 finger first then use a spanner toshbia secure it. Carlos, is this the same part number for the jack as mentioned above? Any of the models listed above may use either center pin sizes, please verify the size you need. The modification I performed was toshiba l355d-s7825 the LD-S This proved to be difficult. M with standard type ac adapter plug tip Note: The only thing I ever did was plug the power cord in and then take the power cord out.

I have the same problem but I can fix mine eventually. How much do you think they would charge for something like l355d-w7825 to toshiba l355d-s7825

However, I have seen the same results with all of the dc jacks.