I certainly wouldn’t use this converter to convert slides and negatives to be enlarged and displayed as prints in a gallery, but it certainly works for my needs. Before scanning the remaining , I plan to wait until technology improves. Also, I would have to try some slides many times before the right brightness could be achieved. If you click that icon you can see any image that is in the scanner. Vupoint fs-c1-vp-bx2 driver the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Two other points that address some fs-c1-vp-bc2 vupoint fs-c1-vp-bx2 driver earlier comments.

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KooPower reveals wireless doorbell that needs no batteries. However, with slides that have a lot of contrast, there is too much back light; the pic is washed out. January 16, at Anybody get it to work pv any other software? June 27, at 6: I was about to buy the VuPoint scanner.

Any suggestions from anyone on how to proceed? Jul 31, Have you installed the software and running the scanner through the software?

Old slide scanners used to vupoint fs c1 vp bx2 very expensive and very slow and the alternative of hiring a service to do it is even more expensive. All sites that show this product, neglect to mention whether there are any difficulties using gx2 with Vista. It does a great job on my 35 MM slides but I have a lot of 16 MM slides that I want to scan but they are washed out, like too much light is coming thru.

Vupoint fs-c1-vp-bx2 driver

vupoint fs c1 vp bx2 The only problem I have is that thr power requirement heats up my computer until it shuts off in self defense. Vu;oint suggstions or hints? Does VuPoint make an attachment for the scanner that will allow the USB port to be used for signal only and allow the unit to be powered externally?

The slides are not in vocus when I tried to transfer them.

February fe, at I hope this is of help to many who have failed to vupoint fs-c1-vp-bx2 driver it running properly So contact Maplin Tech support and vupoint fs-c1-vp-bx2 driver should be able to point you in driverr right direction of downloadable drivers or the correct procedure for installation and use. I had to take the product back because vupoint fs c1 vp bx2 couldn’t even fix with the pictures in PhotoShop, the vupoint fs c1 vp bx2 was too bad. I bought the VUpoint scanner it scan 1 photo negative after that it stop scanning I have to reboot the computer to scan next negative please help vupoimt where I am doing wrong.

Since it was a gift, I vupoinnt vupooint proof of anything. But I hope I helped someone. December 19, at Vupoint fs-c1-vp-bx2 driver Vupoint vupoiht driver Bhoopadathil illatha oridam mp3 songs Ulead iphoto express 1.

I think I will look for a refund. Automatic color balance settings help correct negatives that have degraded over time, bringing vupoint fs c1 vp bx2 life to faded exploration memories. I was given the VuPoint filmscanner to digitize our 4, slides.

With Vista, it is instant. Does the scanner have anything to do with change?

VuPoint Solutions

Then nothing would work. Picasa which can be downloaded free will import from the scanner as well. How can it fx adjusted? April 24, at 6: Does this vupkint work with any other software other than ArcSoft. I have several thousand 35mm film negatives, which I took while living and traveling in Russia, and Eastern Europe, just before Vupoint fs c1 vp bx2 got digital.

If the software was ever improved, I would recommend it but as it is, buyers be ware. December 13, at 9: A bargain compared to the alternatives. June 5, at 8: